Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 1st

A young couple from church got married today...the weather was dreary, rainy, cold...but they were so radiant they provided all the sunshine the rest of us needed to enjoy their special day.

After the ceremony their plan was to come to our house for pictures. Our imposing old barn makes an interesting backdrop for photos. The big front porch with multicolored Adirondack chairs is a good place to pose. And the swing set, tractor and wagon make nice props too. But, oh baby, it was too cold, wet and drizzly to really do justice to any outdoor pics. Maybe they'll come back for a repeat after their honeymoon. I hope so.

Here's how things look on good days...

Today was nothing like this. Too bad. Still it was a great day and a lovely wedding. Our David provided special music for the ceremony. Of course he's far away in Colorado so he recorded a DVD of one of his original songs for Ashley and Justin. You can listen to his sweet love song by clicking here if you like. He got all dressed up with a shirt and tie for the recording -- nice touch for the wedding. The song brought tears. But what's a wedding without tears?

This was the first wedding reception in our new fellowship hall at church. Look how pretty...
The bride and groom chose beautiful fall colors. I hope I'll get my hands on some more pictures to post later.

I went back to church to help clean up a bit -- birdseed is wicked to sweep up in case you didn't know. I brought home some tablecloths to wash, dry, and fold. Which is why I'm blogging at midnight, entertaining myself while waiting for the dryer, because heaven forbid I should have to iron those buggers.

I'm heading for bed now. Here's hoping we don't have a frost to nip all of my beautiful flowers still in bloom. The dahlias are hardy, but the hibiscus not so much. We'll see. Good-night all.

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