Saturday, January 22, 2011

6 Degrees 6 More Inches

That's Fahrenheit and snow. Brrrr. The only reason I'm blogging is that my laptop keeps me warm. I read an article about laptop computers contributing to infertility problems. Yeah, I can see it -- but I'm not male and I'm well past my child-bearing years. So I'm snuggled up with this not so cuddly piece of technology keeping me warm. The house is actually pretty comfortable...all considered. It seems our expensive new windows are paying us back in comfort. Now the draftiest part of the house is the floor, but with all the snow piled up around the foundation (offering a wind block to the crawl spaces) even the floor draft isn't so bad. The furnace hums constantly making me ever so grateful for the free gas that fuels it.Tom has been able to coax the tractor along just enough to keep our long driveway cleared, and we take turns knocking the icicles off the eaves. My skis are lined up by the side door just in case I decide to use them.

So the cold snap and snow are less troublesome to us in our corner of the world than to New York City, New Jersey, and so many southern states. Speaking of cold southern states. Our very good friends just returned from a trip south to meet their very first newborn grandchild. I love babies. They've been sending me pictures right along to let me in on a bit of the fun. Baby's momma and daddy said she's allowed to make an appearance on my blog -- so get a look at this little (pink) sweetheart -- Charlotte.

Oh so sweet!
Just look at her, swimming in that little pink striped outfit. But don't we know...she'll grow. Quick as a bunny, she'll grow. I sure hope I can get my hands on her before she grows too much.

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