Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Storm(s) and the Calm

The last week of July has been a week of thunder, lightning, and rain storms. Very different from heat lightning shows that illuminate the sky on hot summer evenings, which generally lack rumbles, cracks and booms of thunder and present themselves sans rain. No, we’ve been inundated with noisy, flashing, pouring-cats-and-dogs storms. They seem to come out of nowhere. But after a few weeks of drought, the drenching rain is welcome -- at least to the farmers and ducks, it's welcome.
Good news though: we're expecting beautiful, sunny weather for this weekend's family reunion. So the campers won't get damp in their tents. The swimmers will enjoy the pool. Picnic tables will be the main dining venue. We’ll set up games on the grass. Only those who hope to canoe and fish may be disappointed. The creek is high and muddy, but who knows, it may clear up by Saturday, provided the rain stops soon.
We've been running helter-skelter between enjoying summer events, attending a high school class reunion, standing in support of our newest grandchild getting dedicated, entertaining at the pool, and oh yeah, clicking off projects that we put on a list, projects that were supposed to be done in time for the family reunion. Guess what? They aren't all going to get done. But that’s okay. Next year, maybe.
The house is clean, and,  at 11:15p.m., the night before the first of the guests arrive, it is quiet. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm. We're ready. Bring it on!

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