Sunday, July 18, 2010

Consider the Lilies

Our lilies...

Aren't they beautiful? I wish they lasted longer than they do. We planted some that bloom more than once -- ever blooming, or re-blooms, or something. So far they act just like regular lilies except that they bloomed earlier. They seem to be done for the season, but I hold onto great expectations that they will bloom again.

We went to a funeral today. A man whose wife passed away just 40 days ago. The testimonies were wonderfully hopeful and comforting -- a couple who has left a spiritual legacy in their children and grandchildren walking with the Lord. A couple who is reunited in heaven for all eternity. Although the Bible clearly says that in heaven there is no marriage or giving in marriage...what does that mean, I wonder? Not that I really care. I just know that it's all good. A God who has created all the beauty and wonder of this world must have something incredible for us to enjoy for all of eternity. I can hardly wait to find out!

Meanwhile I'll just consider the lilies of the fields. How they neither toil nor spin, yet they look gorgeous. And the birds of the air don't fret about what they'll eat. If our  heavenly Father cares for them, why should I worry?


Ellen Campbell said...

So lovely...both the photo and the writing. And a good reminder for me...always.

Anonymous said...

Bets....just took time to read through your latest stories. How I love when I finally make the time to read them. Thank you for blogging! And, hey, is there anyway I can get a large photo of the fence with the flowers in front of them?? Just love that one and think it would good hanging somewhere in my home! :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say that was from me, your sister Joan!
Love you!!