Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Last Swim of the Season

The sky was gorgeous today and I have some pictures to prove it...but alas, the add photos button is missing from my posting page. Hmmm? So you're going to have to take my word for it about the gorgeous day. The pure soft blue above mirrored the water we were swimming in, or perhaps it's the other way around, I'm not sure. The blue of the pool shimmered with white ripples and splashes, while the blue of the sky was strewn with wispy clouds. White on blue, blue on white, and three sun dogs added a splash of color. (Sun dog, parhelion, a bright spot in the sky tinged with color. It's a little piece of rainbow in the sky on a gorgeous day, no rain in sight -- serendipity!) Nadine and Gary told us about that. Tom and Nadine and I, got to enjoy first one, then two, then three sun dogs, while floating, kicking, splashing in the warm water. A great last swim. Meanwhile sunshine cast a golden glow on the last yellow leaves still hanging tight to the maple trees. (Another striking picture that I can't post.) About the time we got out of the pool Gary was pulling his canoe up from the creek across the field. (Also picture worthy, but I don't think we snapped it. Instead Tom hopped on the tractor and puttered to the rescue.) Now the canoe is safely tucked in the barn till next spring, no more boat rides or float trips this year.

Nathan claimed the absolute, positively, for sure, last swim of the season. Only fitting since he worked in the tree field through the late afternoon. But now it is time. Time to click off the heater and let the water cool down. No more 85 degree swims on 58 degree days. Time to drain off some water and add winterizing chemicals. Time to get out the winter cover. Time to put the pool to bed for the winter. It always makes me sad.

Good night. Sleep tight.

P.S.This is Nadine not the time he took his swim the sun was low on the horizon, it was getting dark!

P.P.S. I found the button to add pictures!


Ellen Campbell said...

Until half way through your post, I envisioned you swimming in the creek and marveled at your hardiness. I still marvel at you...

Brian said...

We know winter's coming for sure when you guys close the pool. Next week, I have to plant some bulbs here at church and rake the rest of the leaves in the yard, then winter can come whenever it"s ready. I can't remember where it is in the bible, but it says as long as the seasons continue to change we can know that God is still in control. So we can praise Him that winter is coming.