Monday, October 12, 2009

All in a Week's Time

The birthday week was busy! What with this going to work three mornings a week and baby sitting every Friday and working in the tree fields and cleaning out closets and rearranging furniture and doctor appointments for the knee and aching back (go figure) there seems to be no time to blog.

Add to that I have to get a swim most days because we'll be closing the pool soon. And the "to do" list is as long as my arm: clean out the flower beds, pull the dahlias, plant 100 new bulbs for spring (it seemed like a good idea when I saw the beautiful, colorful pictures of flowers on the 1 foot cube box at a very reasonable price), make applesauce, wash windows...there's a story in that, maybe I'll tell it later.

Fortunately I've got good help. Nathan is still here...on his way to California, but here for the moment. He's going to have the upstairs nice enough to rent out by the time he's done, and he's a tremendous help in getting the trees ready to sell. With the three of us working we'll surely have them all shaped and shorn for Christmas. The goal is to have them all done by September. In reality we're going to be ahead of the game if they're all done before the end of October.

Birthday highlights: Nathan and Tom waited on me Saturday the 3rd. The men of the church put on a hot dog roast with all the fixin's on Sunday. And in the afternoon I had a Skype visit with my favorite grandson. Tom and I went out to a movie on Monday. The three of us went to Adam and Alicia's and had a birthday dinner at Red Lobster on Tuesday. Wed. night prayer meeting, board meeting. Thursday night TeamKID and then off to a bonfire visit with friends. Friday our usual Steve & Dee night. Saturday tree nursery work, swim, and an adventurous dinner prepared by Nathan. Then it was Sunday again. Yes indeed it was a good and busy week. And I'm happy, and content with life.

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Brian said...

Betsy, So good to hear that you managed to fit some fun stuff into your schedule with family and friends as well as getting a lot of work accomplished besides. I had a lot of fun with Pastor Cliff on Thursdays Team Kid lesson. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of it. You did a fine job with presenting it in a new way. A lot of the young people told me they enjoyed the presentation. I am going to add something on my blog Tuesday night. See you soon.