Friday, June 5, 2009

A Near Perfect Day

Two little girls, Maddy and Audrey, sunshine, a picnic lunch and a playground. Does it get any better than that? Not for them! And didn't I have the pure pleasure of having packed their favorite foods -- p b and j, yogurt, apple juice and freeze pops. For me, a bag of chips and a can of Pepsi. WHAT!? Hey, if they can have their favorites I can too.

I was supposed to be helping clean a dorm at our church camp. Things didn't work out quite as planned. Eight other women worked. They did a bang up job: swept and mopped floors, washed windows, wiped down walls and vacuumed mattresses. Our Bethlehem dorm smelled so clean and fresh. And it looked...well it looked like a camp dorm, so to say it sparkled would be an exaggeration. But it looked great, certainly better than before.

My contribution was that my bucket and mop got used. I also like to think the chatter, laughter and exuberant squeals from the play area was a delightful reminder to the willing workers of the importance of the task at hand. It's all about kids. It's all about the kids who will be served and ministered to through a happy camping experience this summer. God bless 'em -- and bless the counselors and workers too!

It may have made more sense for me to stay home with the children, but I'm glad I went. From watching the girls play like monkeys and being there to say, "Wow, look at you!" while they showed off, to sitting in the grass sharing sandwiches (yeah, I got the crusts -- knew that would happen, which is why I didn't go to the trouble of making my own) it was just plain fun. Part of what made it so enjoyable was that Maddy couldn't contain her gratitude for such a fine picnic. Meanwhile, little Audrey, who was equally happy and pleasant, declared every other minute, "I'n all done. Le's go back to da swings. I weawwy wike dis pwayground."

I hope everyone had a weawwy good time. It was a near perfect day.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord..."
Col. 3:23

We did. Thanks ladies, for letting me be part even though I didn't add any elbow grease!

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