Monday, December 15, 2008

Going, Going, Soon to be Gone

We're selling Christmas trees like crazy. I can't imagine there's anything left to choose from out in the fields. I asked Tom if he'd consider taking down the signs when he comes home from work today.

Then an aquaintance called and ask if she and her husband could drive out to the Frasier Fir field and get a tree. Oh dear... I told her that we were so busy over the weekend I didn't think she'd find anything suitable at this point. She & hubby were not deterred. Sure enough...a little bit later they came to the door to pay for the big green fir tree they had in the back of their big red truck. She assured me there were more to choose from...don't take your signs down yet, she says. People really like to come out and tromp in the fields and cut down a tree, she says.

Alrighty then...the signs will stay in place for a few more days. But I'm cautioning people not to pay until they find a tree they like! ...oop, just a sec, here's another customer.

Yeah, well, that guy insisted on paying upfront. He said he got two trees yesterday, and now he's got his son-in-law, daughter and couple of grandkids here to pick out their tree. "Don't worry," he says. "We'll find a tree. And we've got to hurry before we run out of daylight." I called out a thank you and Merry Christmas. He returned the Merry Christmas greeting and said thank you for growing the trees.

Isn't that nice? People really are (for the most part) nice, and good, and honest. Sometimes I run an errand or I'm out in the field and someone will get a tree and slip their $$ in the mail slot. Really! Other people tell us they've been coming here for 15 years to get a Christmas tree. Really? I didn't know we were selling them 15 years ago. Time sure gets away from ya.

As for me...I'm rather neurotic. Why am I so worried people won't like their Christmas tree? For heaven's sake -- they are the ones picking! They sure don't have to buy one of our trees if they don't want to. Still, I fret.

But it is ridiculous to worry about that. Look how happy these kids look. They came with their parents, grandparents, the little doggie and a big truck to accomodate their big tree. This is what it's all about!

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