Friday, September 26, 2008

Zzzzip, there goes another week; it was a wonderful week though. As predicted we had beautiful weather. It's supposed to rain later today, and that's fine too -- except it may keep us from working in the tree fields on Saturday. Oh well.

I made a quick trip this week, a few hours southeast, and the scenery along the highway was fabulous. The mountainsides were all shades of green dotted with red and orange. Simply gorgeous. The splendor of God's handiwork never ceases to amaze!

Speaking of handiwork... an artist friend of ours set up shop in our barn about a year ago. He was working on a huge sculpture and needed big space, high space, lots of space. It was so much fun to watch his creation take shape. But that shape made out of wood and metal, rivets and screws, would be hard to describe. He's an abstract, modern artist. The title "Riding Waves in Pursuit of Circus Dreams" is its description. Imagine splashes and bubbles and amusement park rides done up in bold happy colors. I'll see if I'm allowed to post a picture of it and you can see for yourself. After it was built, painted, polished, numbered, dismantled, transported, and reassembled at its real home, a convention center--9 months worth of fiddling around...I mean working on--we were going to be sad to see our artist friend pull up stakes. No worries. He's taken on more b-i-g projects and still comes by. We call him our resident artist. Who knows, maybe he'll pave the way for our artist son to move close by and set up a studio in the barn. You never know, it might happen.

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