Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

In church this morning we lit the 4th Advent candle and sang:

Light one candle to watch for Messiah
let the light banish darkness.

He shall bring salvation to Israel,
God fulfills the promise.

Light two candles...
He shall feed the flock like a shepherd,
gently lead them homeward.

Light three candles...
Lift your heads and lift high the gateway
for the King of Glory.

Light four candles...
He is coming, tell the glad tidings.
Let your lights be shining!

Yes, light the candles, banish darkness. Be the light of Jesus in the world and cast out hardships, sadness, injustice, hopelessness. We might could do that, with God's help, if we let our lights shine. Or even just get out of the way and let Jesus shine!

Preparing, watching, waiting...the Messiah is coming. Meanwhile, I'd like to pray for myself something the Pastor prayed this morning for all of us, "Lord, free (me) from any sin that would obstruct your mercy." Amen! 


Mike said...

Lenoxes love the Hennings! Thanks for your message, Betsy!

Betsy Henning said...

Dear Lenox fam, Love you too...God Bless you and Hope 2 You as you bring Hope 2 others!