Saturday, July 13, 2013

Family Reunion(s) -- Part 1

More than one person has said to me, "Gee, I thought you'd have a post about your family reunion by now." Yep. I thought that too. But I'm still catching up.  I'm tired, but not exhausted. Exhilarated and discombobulated, but really, not exhausted. I don't work hard enough to exhaust myself physically, however, my mind is a bit fatigued. I'm busy analyzing what went well, what could be better, and what I must get busy with before the next reunion in two weeks, which actually means a week and a half, because people start coming mid-week, and what isn't done by then doesn't get done.
This first gathering came about in honor of my Parisian niece, Audrey Couprie's visit to the United States. It morphed into a reunion of the Dick and Gloria Bruce children. We gathered on July 4th.
Then on July 6th the extended family honored us with their presence. The Bruce reunion began in Johnstown back when I was just a little girl -- that was more than 50 years ago. It was always held at Uncle Jim and Aunt Marion's because they had a pool and a picnic pavilion. Here's a picture of the Ruth and Archie Bruce family from 1972. I believe this was the last reunion we had Grandma Bruce with us. But I'm getting ahead of myself. This post is about our July 4th mini-reunion. (But about this picture, my dad is centered between Gram and Pap. Back row Uncles Jim, Bill, Dick (dad), and Archie. Front row Aunt Helen, Gram (Ruth), Pap (Arch), Aunt Carol.)

    PopPop, the patriarch.

My dad, inspecting the grounds (and looking for berries?) for the 2013 reunion at my house. 

My Mom, Gloria, aka Oma, the matriarch, with our Davey boy.

Getting ready for the 4th of July pre-reunion...
Just in case the indoor facilities aren't inadequate we rented one of these.
I says, "Honey could you move that over there?"
He says, "Sure thing."
No one was in it, I checked.

Morning coffee on the porch in our pj's. The sisters and mom (l to r -- me, Joan, Mom, Luann, Kathy)
Happy 4th of July birthdays to my sister and her husband!
Is everyone here yet?
Yep, pretty much, we're all here and we're all in the picture...except for Scott's wife, Anne, who is taking the picture, my mom who is busy in the kitchen, and my brother, Tom, and his wife, Anne, who are seeing their daughter, Ali, off on a year long mission trip -- the World Race. Commercial break -- click World Race and read a bit of Ali's blog. She and a whole crew of people will visit 11 countries in the next 11 months, starting with Romania. We're so proud of her, and hope you'll join us in praying for her safety through this year. (Tom and Anne arrived on Saturday for the bigger Bruce Reunion.)
But really folks, there's work to be done. Let's go help Mom, aka Oma...

That's more like it, but...
What's that adage? Too many cooks spoil... get in each other's way.
But the important question is...are we all having fun yet?

 Oh, Yeah. Lots of fun!
The chef and sous chefs

Two tables full of people.
After dessert, birthday cake, came the entertainment -- birthday fireworks in honor of our own Kathleen and our country's independence.


Kristine Riddle said...

No wonder you feel a bit tired - that much fun would wear anyone out! :)

Betsy Henning said...

You know it, Kristine! Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment.

Sarah Rose said...

What a wonderful time with family! :) Thanks for sharing your time with us.

Lisa Vella said...

What lovely photos and commentary! Almost makes me feel like I was there. Thanks for sharing! :)

Betsy Henning said...

Yes, Sarah, it was a good time...stay tuned for part 2 of maybe 102! Just kidding. I won't drag it out more than 2 or 3 parts, because by then I'll have to cover the Henning reunion. (My friend Kristine gave me the idea to parcel this out when I was overwhelmed with the amount of family time I wanted to cover -- not leaving anyone out and all that. :) )

Betsy Henning said...

Oh Lisa, you are so kind! I love you and miss your writing. But don't I know there's a time for everything and this is your time for little ones and other wonderful (profitable) ventures. Besides, I know you're writing off the grid every chance you get. Good for you!