Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

It's a special day for the dads and grandads and step dads...hurray for papas everywhere, of every sort! Only one of my sons is a daddy. I'm still hoping that they all will be daddies before I'm too old to enjoy being Nana to more than the two little guys we have. Oh wait, today isn't about me or what I want. And being a parent isn't something you should do to please someone else, ever -- even if she is your mother.

Just a minute, I'll go ask Tom, since it's his special day, if he would like to be Papa to more than just the two...nah, just kidding. I'll stop now.

Our son, David, spent a good part of the day with us. We had a mid-day dinner together and then he and his dad went to the driving range to hit a bucket of golf balls. Afterward we had a quick swim and then headed into town for ice cream. At the local dairy isle, Lickety-Split, dads are treated to a free hot-fudge sundae. I don't know which tickles me more, the name of the ice cream shop or the fact that they hand out free treats for special occasions -- oh the endearing charms of small town living.

The other boys called and/or sent cards to their dad. I called my dad in Florida -- I'll get to see him and mother early in July for the Bruce family reunion. I'm looking forward to that!

Meanwhile, Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Just me and my Dave and Mel's wedding in October 2010
Looking forward to seeing both mother and dad for the Bruce Family Reunion in July!

I can't wait to sit on my front porch with dad and watch the grass grow and the wildlife graze. We've had lots of wild visitors lately, but most of them are too speedy to catch on camera. Several times a day a little bunny darts straight across the yard, from the safe cover on one edge to the other. Hoppity, hop, hop, hop, gone. Yep, that must be why they say 'quick like a bunny'!

From the back deck we watched mama doe sprint across the open area in the back yard. And surprise! Behind her scrambled twin fawns. If you'd have blinked you'd have missed them. They're still really tiny and all spotted. I'm sure we'll get better glimpses as they grow and as their mother comes to trust us.

Then there's this guy... He is not a speed demon.

But neither was he in the mood to pose with some friends that we tried to introduce him to...

 In fact, he beat it out of there pretty quick.
Not quick as a bunny, but still pretty quick.


Kristine said...

I didn't know the Lickety Split gave out free ice cream to dads today! I will tuck that in my memory vault for next year. :)
Happy Father's Day to Tom!

Sarah Rose said...

Just loved reading this today! :)