Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two Days of Sunshine

Let me clarify. Two days in a row of sunshine. What did we do to deserve this? I don't know, but I'm thanking God for smiling (shining?) down on our corner of the world. (Sadly, this is the lack of sunshine capital of Pennsylvania.)

I was talking to my Parisian sister on the phone this past Sunday and she said I suppose you're knee deep in snow. To which I replied, "No...I'm looking out the front windows at green grass. We had snow a couple of days ago, but it warmed up and rained and the snow is all gone!"

Little did I know. That was 4 o'clock (my time, 10 o'clock hers) and by 5 o'clock we had blizzard conditions! No kidding.  Six inches of snow fell in less than an hour. For a while there we couldn't see our cars parked 15 feet outside the kitchen window/french doors. Crazy. But that was Sunday. Today, Tuesday, it's sunny and warm and except for a few piles in well shaded areas I can't see a trace of that snow from Sunday. Did I say, crazy?

I was out on the porch, sitting in the sun, catching a bit of vitamin D, reading. How wonderful. How amazing. How blessed and happy I'm feeling. A glorious change from a couple of days ago. Thanks God, I needed that!

(Lack of sunshine capital? Maybe that's a blessing in disguise, because oh how we appreciate the sunshine when we see it.)

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