Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catching up

Okay, so I bit off more than I could life story starting 40 years ago...on my blog...I don't think so. Instead I'll share all the fun things we did to celebrate our milestone anniversary. Starting with a surprise dinner out with friends, who invited us without telling us where, and invited a dear friend who we met there 37 years ago in that very town. The town -- New Wilmington, the place The Tavern Restautant (which I highly recommend if you live in northwest PA). One of our sons lives not far from surprise! He and his girlfriend were there too.

They, Adam and Alicia, presented us with a gift -- Alicia's handiwork beautifully framed that says, "Family ties are treasured things, and far though we may roam, the tender bonds with those we love, still pull our hearts toward home." Heartwarming. I was over-clempt, couldn't help tearing up.

Good friends.  They don't come any better.
And the next day we had a party at our house for Deenie's 60th birthday...but I'd like to make it clear that my friend Nadine is not 60...yet. She won't be 60 for another few days, but her daughter and kids were in town so we celebrated early. It was crazy -- me trying to keep a surprise from her and her trying to keep a surprise from me. Turns out she's better -- maybe the best! -- at surprises.

Another surprise, one from our children, is an overnight stay at an amazing resort hotel. All we have to do is pick the date. Does anyone else know how hard it is to accept an extravagant gift from your kiddos? Yeah. (I'm pretty sure my parents know, and I'm going to follow their example and accept gratefully.) So, I'm getting totally psyched about making time for an upscale date with my totally wonderful husband.


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