Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Running out of daylight...

I remember when I wrote that last blog weeks and weeks ago, thinking I'd get right back and finish the story...in fact leaving it hanging would insure my getting right back to it. Yyyyeah, right. Since then the daffodils have gone, the tulips came and went, the lilacs are now in bloom and as fragrant as can be. Next come the dahlias. But not until I get them in the ground. My dahlias are the only flowers I fuss with, digging up the bulbs in the fall, replanting in the spring. Everything else is on its own, but I baby the dahlias. Not because I love them more, but because it saves me a ton of money on annuals. They'll flower from June through October and into November until the snow flies if I treat them right.

What does this have to do with Chasing Daylight (by Erwin McManus, not to be confused with Patrick McManus who I also really like as an author but -- worlds apart!) ? Just this, "The flower fades, but the word of our God lives forever." In S.S. we're still following Jonathan in his battle against the Philistines who were taunting the Israealites without mercy. So Jonathan and his armor bearer scaled the cliff to face those giants with their swords -- and the long story short is that God was indeed with them and they slew a bunch of bad guys who got all worked up, confused, discombobulated and started slaying one another. But then the book goes on a rabbit trail about Elijah in I Kings 19 -- related in this way -- Elijah trusted that God was with him too. He set up a wild and crazy plan to show Jezebel and the prophets of Baal that his God was GOD and their god was NOT. It's a great story but it'll lose a lot in the re-telling so I'll let you go read it for yourself. Happy ending? Yes and no. And that's what I'll blog about next time.

Like Jonathan, Elijah, Gideon and a bunch of other heroes like them, I've had times of trusting God, relying totally on His coming through for me, times when I just want to sing with the late Rich Mullins, Our God is an awesome God! Then again there are times when God has to come looking for me, asking, "Betsy, what are you doing here?" like he asked Elijah...but that's grist for the next blog-mill.

Dahlias from last year...a reminder that I need to get those bulbs set.

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