Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Two more days and the holidays are upon us! This is a busy time of year. Turkey day is the official start of the Christmas tree selling season. We've already sold a half dozen trees and there are another dozen tagged. The fields actually look rather picked over...we're considering not putting up our "Trees for Sale" sign. We'll just sell to the people who already know about us. We'll see. A 12+ foot tree left the property today in this big truck...

Yep, that's our boy Adam the Army man...he got a dandy big tree for his unit to enjoy.

We went to see Davey Boy in Connecticut this past weekend. He and Mel (our daughter-in-law to be) and Tom and I took a spin an hour or so north to visit Lake Benedict where Dave proposed to Mel in August.

It was a great weekend. And now it's a short week and I'm behind the eight ball. Getting ready for Thanksgiving on Thursday, and Thanksgiving again on Saturday, and trees to sell, and hunters to get ready for, and my two part time jobs. Man, is this the abundant life or what?!?

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