Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dreaming On

I can only imagine how lovely my sister's spa, I mean rehab center is. She's recovering from her second knee surgery and this is her second stay at Le Normandy. Here, you read the description in her words and decide, spa or not?

I am back at "Le Normandy" - the rehab center
here on the beach and my private room is even
more splendid that the one I had before, with a
beautiful, panoramic view of the ocean through a
door-window onto a balcony (although it is a bit
too cold to spend much time out there, I can
still go out for a breath of fresh sea air!) The
second operation seems to be a success, I'm
hobbling around on me 2 new knees, or rather on
me 2 legs that are now straight and me 2 knees
will be getting stronger and stronger and I'll
probably go back to work in April and this is
still such a great rest I'm getting! The
physiotherapy is excellent, I'll be starting the
sea-water pool therapy this week, the staff are
incredibly kind and caring and the food is still
wonderful. My goodness, do I feel lucky and privileged.

Okay, so the place sounds like a dream come true, BUT there is that little matter of major surgery which is a requisite for getting a room there. If you don't know, my sister Kathy lives in France. They have socialized medical care there. Yeah, so I get a little confused...sometimes paying more taxes so everyone can get good health benefits seems like a good idea to me. Forgive me.

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Anonymous said...

I forgive you Betsy ; )

I love you as well!!!